In the “center” of Barletta an innovative project aims at the development and redevelopment of the area, its architecture, its artistic heritage rooted in its history and origins, art and culture. The town of Barletta, represented by its Mayor Pasquale Cascella in partnership with several surrounding municipalities, has adhered to a regional competition held by the Department of Industry, which includes changes in urban design, the setting up of commercial planning and information services for citizens and tourists. in some strategic points interactive kiosk illustrating the function of the architectural heritage of our town will be installed.
From the Church to the Cathedral, from the cellars to the Swabian Castle, the Colossus of Eraclio to palaces of the city: the art and history will be available to the user first in virtual form and then with extra opening hours. The IAT will host local, National and foreign tourists, proposing itineraries, and excursions, as well as providing informative material. There will be entertainment and cultural events organized locally and nearby.

  • Itinerario G. Garibaldi

    Corso Garibaldi è una delle antiche strade che collegava la città di Barletta con quella di Canosa di Puglia.
  • Itinerario Via Cavour

    Questa via vanta la presenza di numerosi palazzi storici come Palazzo de Leone Pandolfelli, Palazzo Esperti, Palazzo Gran Priore.
  • Itinerario Via Cialdini

    Uno tratti storico e urbani più interessanti dell’intera città di Barletta, strada situata nel suo centro storico.