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The Barletta Town Theatre ”Giuseppe Curci” located in the city centre in front of the City Palace, was inaugurated on April 6, 1872. With its elegance and proportions, it represents a distinguished example of the Neoclassical architecture in Apulia. In 1866 the city administration purchased it and tear it down, in order to build a new town theatre. The construction was entrusted to the architect Federico Santacroce, and the painter Giambattista Calò. Inaugurated in 1872, its first show was a symphony by the composer and the leading orchestra Giuseppe Curci, inhabitant of Barletta, whereas the first performance was Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth. Giuseppe Curci was the art director until his death, on August 5, 1877, when the Barletta local administration dedicated the theater to him, entitling it as “ Theatre Curci ”. Along the theatre’s east-side there are magnificent covered galleries, built to allow the carriages transit. Nowadays, the theatre houses an important theatrical season, with dancing performances, concerts and dramas.

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