Palazzo Santa Croce

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The palace is located in Piazza Duomo, exactly in front of the cathedral of Saint Mary Major’s main façade. It occupies a wide part of the church yard, which in the past, was broader. Since the Norman period it was the seat of Santacroce, a noble family. Charles I donated it to Filippo Santacroce in gratitude for being his supporter and member of The Crown Council. In 1459 Ferdinand d’Aragon, who was in Barletta for its coronation ceremony, resided in the Palace. The rusticated façade is decorated with protruding stones, a Renaissance architectural technique, whereas the entrance consists in a pointed-arch within a frame. The representation balcony and the triangular tympanum are aligned. The façade’s lower part with its medieval features, dates back to the 13th cent. The upper part is clearly modern, with its lengthened windows.

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