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In 1922 it was declared the National monument, rare example of medieval civic architecture in Apulia. Built in 1325 by Guala Yseria, the splendid Palace belonged to the noble family La Marra. It maintains the medieval style: a portico with pointed-arches and groin vaults. It has always kept its original style, even after the La Marra extinction, when the Family Beaumount Bonelli acquired it, in 1685. It was probably erected from a preexisting gothic building whose pointed-arch is evidence. Designed by the architect, Cesare Perna, it is a remarkable example of “ Barocco Leccese”. He was expressively commissioned to transform the two façades, which overlook the ancient “via delle carrozze”, the district “le sette rue”, and the sea into an impressive majestic lodge. Coats of arms stand on the pointed-windows.

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