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The birth of the Museum of Barletta dates back to 1898 with the donation of ancient vases by Barletta’s Francis Xavier Vista.
From that date until now, the museum has been anriched in different periods by various archaeological collections and art works by renowned painters and sculptors. The Museum is currently located at the Swabian Caste.
The museum exhibits a selection of its rich artistic heritage which has come to the city of Barletta tank to buying and collecting by prominent citizens. Among these there are Giuseppe Gabbiani, Vincenzo De Stefano Raffaele, Ferdinand Cafiero and Girondi. It is organized into three sections: the Ancient Gallery, the Gallery of the nineteenth century, the Gallery of Ferdinand Cafiero.
The Ancient Gallery includes more than thity works dating from the late 1400s and the second half of the 1700s, mainly coming from the legacy of Giuseppe Gabbiani. During his long stay in Naples, Gabbiani collected and bought works of great value today finally shown to the public.

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Piazza Fratelli Cervi - 76121 Barletta (BT)
41.31999420929945, 16.288084387779236

Orari di apertura

9,00-19,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 18,15)
9,00-19,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 18,15)
9,00-19,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 18,15)
9,00-19,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 18,15)
10,00-20,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 19,15)
10,00-20,00 (chiusura biglietteria ore 19,15)